Application to invest in Reading Hydro CBS Ltd

Please complete the form below if you or your organisation wishes to invest in Reading Hydro CBS Ltd on the Terms and Conditions of the Offer Document at the price of £1.00 per share.

The minimum number of shares you can apply for is £75 and the maximum is £70,000.

Please consider paying by bank transfer as this method is the most cost-effective for the Society. Cheque or debit/credit cards can also be accepted.

Debit/credit card payments are processed securely by Stripe.

By making an application you are committing to pay for the number of shares you have applied for and confirming that you have read the share offer document available on the Reading Hydro ​​​​​website and accept the terms and conditions.

Special conditions:

If you:

  • are a Reading resident on a low income who would like to buy 75 shares in three instalments, or
  • would like to hold shares for a fixed period, or
  • wish to purchase shares for someone else's benefit (grandchildren/children)

please email for further information.

This share offer closes on 14th February 2020. The Board reserves the right to extend this offer or to reopen for a period of up to three weeks. If we are unable to offer you all or any of the shares you have applied for, we will refund the difference by cheque to the address you have provided unless we are notified otherwise.



Total Amount
Organisation details
Official registration number from Companies House, FCA (for Societies) or Charity Commission (for CIOs)
(ie 6, Windy Drive)

We also require your personal details if applying on behalf of an organisation:

Personal Details (Shares)

(ie 6, Windy Drive)
Please provide a phone number in case we need to contact you about your application